Kendra Bentley Amazing Race

Kendra Bentley Amazing Race

Kendra Bentley is one of the proud winners of the Amazing Race. Bentley combined her navigational skills and networking abilities to form partnerships that put her and her partner in a position to take home the top prize of Season 6. As a former winner of the show, Kendra Bentley is extremely thankful for the experience not just because of the prize money. The Amazing Race provided her the opportunity to explore the world and develop a profound respect for different cultures. This website will serve as an outlet for Kendra to share her opinions on everything the Amazing Race has to offer. From the evolving strategies throughout the seasons to the life lessons that have been brought to all of us through a traveling game show.

Kendra Bentley on Why the Amazing Race Endured

Only a global pandemic could slow down production of the Amazing Race. With 32 seasons aired and more to come, it’s truly incredible how loyal fans have been to the Amazing Race. Having been a participant, Kendra Bentley credits the longevity to how much fans love seeing different parts of the planet first and foremost. The Amazing Race allows viewers to get a glimpse of how people live all over the world. These glimpses help humanize areas that become so much more than a name on a globe. They are countries with real people with real problems who have incredible traditions. The games that producers come up with to challenge the contestants are constantly entertaining. Sure, some are more difficult than others, but viewers can’t help but root on their favorite teams.

Kendra Bentley on How the Amazing Race Has Evolved

The classic format of teams of two has endured throughout the history of the Amazing Race. One of the biggest challenges throughout the seasons is how quickly alliances have been formed in the game. Teams have been willing to share clues with other teams and withhold information from others to advance in the game. While the team that comes in last goes home most weeks, there’s more to the game than the speed at which they complete the race. There are yields and roadblocks that can be devastating to a team’s likelihood of advancing. Castmates understand this more than ever and are quick to form bonds to ensure that they are not the team to go home on a given week. This strategy has made the show more entertaining to watch season in and season out.

Kendra Bentley on What’s Next for the Amazing Race?

Other CBS competition reality programs made their triumphant return this year with Big Brother and Survivor both enjoying incredible success upon their return. Kendra Bentley believes the hiatus from the usual schedule of the show will only stoke the flames of passion that fans have for the program. The longer they must wait, the more anticipation builds. It’s also exciting to note that CBS now has new inclusion rules in place for all their reality competition shows. This means more contestants of various backgrounds, which is sure to add another layer of reality to the show as the contestants will reflect the real world.